Ronnie & Bo want to know how to be the best parents they can be - especially when it comes to supporting their kids well in sports. They take tips of former pro-soccer player and coach, Andy McDermott, and find that many of these important tips for the kid sports world apply to parenting in general! If you want to give the best experience to your kids and not embarrass or harm them for life, you'll want to hear this advice!

Andy McDermott is a former college and professional soccer player, Tactical Response Unit police officer, and fitness trainer. He has over 100 articles published in national media like Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and USA Today. Andy has acted in over 30 films, television shows, and commercials including Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell, Baby Driver, and Magnum PI.

In 2017, Andy helped launch a massive sports facility in the San Francisco area where he helped coach and develop roughly 1500 student athletes. He holds the highest level of designation from the US Soccer National-A Youth License for coaching. Currently, he and his family live in the Chicago area where is helping launch another multi-million dollar sports facility that will provide many under-resourced kids the opportunity for sports training and coaching. As president of Intentional Sports, Andy will lead the launch and development of this new endeavor.

Follow Andy @andywhatsnext on IG, Twitter, YouTube, and FB.

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