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SPECIAL GUEST: Comedian Tom Dreesen

September 19th, 2018






Ronnie & Bo get the privilege of chatting with comedy legend, Tom Dreesen! Having been the comedy opener for many years for Frank Sinatra as well as Sammy Davis Jr. and Smokey Robinson, Dreesen tells some fascinating stories of life with Frank and how he came to one of the pallbearers at Sinatra’s funeral. Tom made over 60 appearances on The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman, often hosting Letterman’s show as a fill-in for Dave. Dreesen started his comedy career with Tim Reid (of WKRP in Cincinnati fame), making them the first bi-racial stand-up comedy duo in the United States. Tom makes this episode one of the best with his down-to-earth style and real accounts of his out of this world stories.