The Ronnie & Bo Show

The Best-Worst Podcast You’ve Ever Heard

SPECIAL GUEST: Michael Burger

November 7th, 2018


Ronnie & Bo start their show with a "Bo Knows" then Bo is so excited to talk with Michael Burger that he forgets to even say "Hello". Ronnie almost loses the interview by sharing a personal story about the first time he met Michael Burger, some 20 years ago, but because it's such a sweet story Michael stays to share incredible stories about nearly winning a Steve Martin look & sound alike contest, his first big break into show business as well as personal stories about Jonathan Winters, Robert Goulet and Betty White. Michael comes prepared with stories that relate to both Ronnie & Bo. Learn about his start in comedy, his Mike & Maty show, game show hosting and about his professional speaking career and books that he has authored. The Ronnie & Bo show is brought to you by Prescott RealtyPrescott Tire Pros & Automotive Service and